Remembering Wheatfield Bridge Book Discussion Questions

  1. Once Connie realized that William had already forgiven her for putting work before family, do you think Connie should have opened up the old wounds by talking about her regrets?


  1. How is William’s forgiveness of Connie similar to God’s grace for us?


  1. In The Road to Emmaus, Brad Steele repeatedly chooses to do the right thing. He helps pay for Helen Boudreau’s groceries, he comes to the aid of the waitress with Down syndrome and he gives a ride to and helps repair the vehicle of the couple who were down on their luck. Sometimes it’s easy to do the right thing. Other times doing the right thing requires sacrifice. Would you like to share about a time when doing the right thing came with a price for you? Would you do it again?


  1. In caring for their widowed fathers, Ellen Steele and Kelly Loggins each have different ways of expressing love for her respective dad. Ellen tries to force a relationship with her standoffish father, whereas Kelly tends to smother her dad. Both are trying their best. How could they have shown their love differently while still achieving positive results?


  1. Jodi Steele’s classmate, Andrew Steiff, was a bully and an outcast. Even so, Jodi responded to him with kindness, on one occasion even in the face of his taunting. Why do you think she did that? Have you ever shown love to an enemy? How did that person respond?


  1. In the story Much Will Be Required some members of the congregation have a hard time coming to grips with “those kids” using their church’s fellowship hall. They are more concerned about the building and all its contents than the outreach Pastor Hemphill was providing to the disenfranchised youth. As a financial supporter of a church facility, how would you have responded?


  1. Connie Andersen’s literary characters step off the page and conspire behind her back for her own good, in this case to help Connie learn to forgive herself. Why do you think it is sometimes easier to forgive others than ourselves?


  1. Connie had mistaken a healing wound for guilt. Why do we hold onto guilt?


  1. Connie is able to let go of her irrational feeling of interconnectedness with Jack Priestly by coming to trust that God is in control of all outcomes. Have you ever turned something over to God trusting that He will get you through it?